Top Weird Confidence Builder Tips For Men

When you read the title, you might have thought that we will be giving you styling tips right? Well, that won’t be the case here. We will be talking about men’s accessories that can be weird for some to adorn but when done right, can boost a man’s confidence by many folds.

Accessories are the necessary enhancements for both men and women. They amplify your overall style quotient all the while enhancing the appearance of your outfit. Gone are the days where only women got all the attention. In this modern era, men are evolving and improving their fashion statements and getting conscious about their appearance. Upgrading formal or informal attires with stylish and classy looking accessories, men are improving their trends in fashion.

For those men, who are looking for a comprehensive list of confidence boosting accessories that are not only timeless but are back in vogue, please, read on.

Formal Ties

The one accessory that enhances the aesthetics of a custom tailored suit. The number of ties you have the better will it be for you. Setting up for a party or grooming yourself for a commercial meeting, ties are the necessary enhancements for all your casual and business ventures. Providing a mature look with a dash of class, these add-ons amplify your personality and add extra charm. It’s better to invest your earnings at a good quality tie with shades that are comprehensive to that of your formal attire.

Bow Ties

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Designer Brands Help the Smartwatch Market

Traditionally, watches have been a bastion of good taste, style and wealth. If you’re dressed in a sharp, tailored suit with a lovely pair of patent leather shoes, you need a quality timepiece on your wrist to finish the look. If you complement it with a fine Rolex or an Omega, it shows you have style, or if you opt for a Patek or a Jaeger it can ooze wealth and taste. What we’re trying to say is that watches help define you as a person. However, what happens in today’s disposable tech based society when you want to show off a little? Do you opt for the traditional, analogue engineering piece, or something a bit more digital, and what options do you have?

Whilst smart watches seem to have been ubiquitous in the news and everyday life for the past 5 years, they have really developed in the past year or so. Technology has allowed ever smaller pieces of digital gubbins to be inserted into all manner of watches, to the point that you cant really tell the difference. Whereas they used to be bulky and hideously unfashionable blocks on the wrist, today even some of the fully digital ones are quite sleek and sexy, but there are even better options today.

Since Google released their fantastic Android platform, it has been developed into the go-to option for new brands wanting to enter the wearables market. The off the shelf nature of the package means that any new brand … Read More

Fashion for Dummies

Fashion for Dummies

When it comes to fashion, we often think of super models dressed like superheroes walking down a runway surrounded by flashing lights of cameras and balaring electronic dance music (EDM), but that is merely “high” fashion, a small sliver of all that is encompassed by the far reaching umbrella term that is “fashion.” Fashion is akin to philosophy, in a sense, as both are schools of thought that we interact with every day, even if we don’t realize it. In fact, fashion is a small subset of an actual branch of philosophy, aesthetics. Aesthetics is the study, more or less, of what we perceive with our five sense and what we find pleasing and why. Fashion is, therefore, a part of the sight portion of aesthetics. Therefore, it’s almost criminal to boil down the infite complexity of fashion just to the high fashion scene. Especially consider that high fashion is not meant to be worn on the regular but, instead, to predict and establish new fashion trends. It’s not meant to be blend in, in other words, so it would be a hard sell to most of us. Instead, it’s important to see fashion for the multifaceted school of thought it is. Here are some examples of how we all use fashion every day.

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